Flat Weave Boucherouite Rug, Handmade In Morocco With Recycled Textiles – 4’6″x 8′ – Classic Boho

CAD$700.00 CAD$525.00

Made: Handmade in Morocco
Material(s): Recycled textiles
Color(s): Multicolor!


  • This Flat Weave Boucherouite rug was handmade in Morocco using recycled textiles.
  • This rug is vintage and authentic, it is in excellent condition.
  • Size: 4’6″x 8′ (137 x 244 cm)
  • Due to its handmade nature, the shape is often imperfect, it can be slightly larger on one side. This is how you recognize an authentic Boucherouite rug and it’s its handmade nature that makes it so beautiful.
  • Shipping is FREE for the USA and Canada. (Contact us for international shipping)

I have to admit it, Boucherouite rugs are a personal fave. They are just the most interesting, quirkiest and happiest pieces of textile you can encounter. For me, they are contemporary pieces of art and their color bursts make me happy. I often get asked if they’re as soft as Azilal rugs. It’s always hard to answer correctly because it’s true that the hand feel is not as “soft” as wool, in fact since many types of fabric are used to make one single rug, the hand feel can be different depending on where you touch it. They are nor harsh but have more of a cotton hand feel. BUT what I always say is that they are so fun to walk on, I just love that feeling on my feet. While it’s not the same feeling as walking on a comfy soft Beni Ourain rug, it’s definitely pleasant. I actually have one in my own bedroom beside my bed and I absolutely adore the feeling of walking barefoot on it every morning when I wake up.

One other concern I often hear a lot is “I’m worried about buying a Moroccan rug because my house is full of traffic. I have kids, dogs, and cats but I really want one, which kind should I buy?”. That’s an easy one, a Boucherouite rug is the best option! Not only do they age very well, they are so colourful that a spill will not show. They are made to be resistant and to be used in everyday life. They are the easiest to take care of.

Boucherouite rugs or “Boucherwit” in Arabic are the most recent Moroccan rugs to be commercialized, their popularity rose in the 90’s. At first, they were not intended to be sold as they were mostly used by the Berber themselves in their own homes, as modest domestic carpets. Some called them “rag rugs” as they are made of various recycled pre-used clothing or textile scraps. One Boucherouite rug can be made with many different types of recycled textiles such as wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, Lurex and nylon. This is what creates their amazing blends of textures and colors. Isn’t it the coolest way to recycle fabric scraps?

The interesting thing is that since these rugs are not seen as “prestigious”, the weaver gives herself complete freedom to create, not having to be representative or not having a specific meaning, she can really let her imagination run its course. It usually results in a really playful and colorful style. That does not mean Boucherouite rugs are quicker or easier to make. Making a Boucherouite rug is a lot of work since every swatch of fabric has to be cut and knotted. It’s a very slow handmade process, it can take months to produce only one rug.

As I like to say: “All you need is a Boucherouite rug”. They are such a conversation piece! It immediately upgrades your decor with a boho-artsy vibe that will keep you smiling.

If ever you need a specific size, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can have one made specifically for you as we work directly with the artisans in Morocco.


Boucherouite Rug Care Instructions;
Every rug has been cleaned before being shipped.
Moroccan rugs are made to be super resistant and last a lifetime. Please follow these simple guidelines for taking care of your rug.

For regular care:
-You can vacuum your rug
-To eliminate odors and humidity, let it dry in the sun for a day
-Make sure it does not stay humid. If you store it, we do not recommend storing it in a bag.

Cleaning your rug:
-You can wash it by hand with laundry soap and rinse it with your garden hose. Then let it fully dry in the sun.
– If you prefer, you can have it cleaned by by a rug cleaner. It should cost between $50-100 to have it cleaned professionally.

Rug Return Policy:
– Your rug must be in original condition and show no signs of use.
– If you wish to return your rug, please get in touch via email within 5 days of receiving your rug.
– Please return undamaged rug to us within 14 days for a full refund.
– Shipping costs for returning the item are the responsibility of the customer.

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