Tagine, Cooking Dish

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Made: handmade in Morocco
Material(s): red clay, paint & glaze
Color(s): terracotta red, light yellow, black
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Have you ever had tagine before? If you’re checking this out, you probably have! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! My favorite kind of tagine is lemon chicken with comfit lemons and green olives. Oh la la! But there are hundreds of other tagine recipes to try!

These handmade tagine dishes have very unique designs, especially made for Baba Souk! They are used to cook tagine recipes, which are flavourful traditional Moroccan stew dishes. The conic shape of the lid imprisons the steam and makes the food super tender and tasty. They can be used on your stovetop, using low to medium heat, or directly in the oven at up to 350F.

-This tagine is safe and made for cooking.
-It is guaranteed to be lead and cadmium free.

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