Cactus Sculptures – Gold

CAD$54.00 CAD$27.00

Made: Handmade in Morocco
Material(s): Painted Iron
Color(s): gold
Dimensions: 9 × 12 in


When I stumbled upon these cool wrought iron cactus sculptures in Marrakech, I knew I had to bring some back for Baba Souk! Wouldn’t they look perfectly rad in your garden? On the other hand, I have to agree with those of you who are tempted to keep their cactus sculptures in the house. So cool, right? We love to use them in our shelf decor, on our office desks (I have one on mine!) and how fun would this cactus sculpture look in a kid’s room decor? It just makes an unexpected, quirky decor addition anywhere.

An amazing thing to know is that these cactus sculptures are made by hand by a wrought iron artisan. He has worked with wrought iron all his life and can make unbelievable things with a piece of iron! You should see him handle his hammer and torch! He does not wish to be in front of the camera (older artisans in Morocco are very modest and don’t feel very comfortable in our highly photo-friendly world) but I thought it was nice for you to know that each piece is made by hand. This product is fairtrade and encourages an artisan’s work.

Regular shipping to Canada: $8
Regular shipping to USA: $10

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