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Our new window display inspired graphic designer Asia Pietrzyk to create this absolutely cute print! She’s a super talented illustrator based in Stockholm. I’ve been a fan of her work and I am delighted to see that she was inspired by Baba Souk. Check out her personal project called “instamissimo” where she picks an instagram picture and creates an illustration from it. This is a project she created just for fun as a simple outlet for creativity. We love the idea! -Stephanie


Artwork by Asia Pietrzyk.

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Thank You Oh Happy Day Blog!

Our SHiliconfETTI° watermelon sweater is featured on one of our favorite creative blogs today. It’s called “Oh Happy Day” and it’s one of the most awesome DIY blogs out there. It’s a world of creativity and partying. (A heavenly mix if you ask me!)

How awesome is the party outfit they’ve put together!



1. Hepcat Shades , 2. Roan Necklace , 3. Watermelon Seeds Sweater , 4. Print & Shine Bobbi Set , 5. Nail Color , 6. Eyeball Print Card Holder , 7. Derby Oxfords 8. Eyes to the Sun Pants

*Curated by the Oh Happy Day blog.


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