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Parisian Boho Style Chez Living by Lo

We had the pleasure of being invited to Lauren MacLean’s new apartment for a shooting session and not only did she show us her new amazing Parisian boho style apartment but she was kind enough to let us style the place and take pictures. Lauren’s previous apartment has been featured in Apartment Therapy and My Domain to name a few, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do with this one. You could definitely say she’s a decor influencer.

Parisian Boho Apartment living by lo Baba Souk

(Shop this look: Beni Ourain Rug with dots, Square Pouf in Tan Leather, Painting by Zoe Boivin)

First of all, Lauren, thank you so much for having us over. Your new place is simply gorgeous and we’re so happy to chat with you about your inspiration and how you’ve managed to create such a great vibe in your home. You have such a flawless style and we’d like to ask you a few questions to inspire our readers who are home decor enthusiasts.

1. We know you recently moved into this apartment. What made you fall in love with your new flat?

My first apartment was a very special experience to me. From being so worried about living in a tiny space to turning it into a journey I was able to share and be proud of made for the perfect first apartment experience, so the decision to move didn’t come easy! But above all, I simply love designing in beautiful spaces. I had always known about this apartment across the hall, I would catch glimpses of it in passing and saw enough to know that it’s where I want to be.

The apartment was in terrible shape, but with all its charm and character (and a bit more square footage!) I saw its potential and knew it would be an amazing project to start from scratch and turn it into my home. So with A LOT of blood, sweat and tears, I created a fresh new canvas to work with which really let me connect with the space and make it feel mine.

Parisian Boho Style Apartment - Living by Lo

(Shop this look: Pink Boucherouite Rug, Moroccan ceramics, Original Painting by Zoe Boivin)

2. We remember your old decor and it was just perfect. What was the biggest challenge with creating a new decor when moving into this new place and starting over?

When I design a room I let the elements of the space itself contribute to my approach, like the room’s architecture, natural light, and layout. These aspects inspire my ideas for colour palettes, textures, furniture size and placement. So with treating each space as its own I actually made a lot of changes. With more square footage I was able to embrace some bolder colour palettes and stronger pieces better suited to this space.

Though I didn’t keep many pieces from my last apartment, I maintained the approach of living minimally. From my last studio apartment, I learned the value of living minimally and saw how therapeutic it really is. It pushed my design and creativity, but also taught me a lot about myself and how to connect with your space. You pay attention to what is around you, you love and connect with those things because you choose them wisely, and there is no room to accumulate stuff that doesn’t bring you value. A small space might force this style of living at first, but it’s certainly a lesson I am so happy to have learned and will always take with me.

Parisian Boho Style Apartment - Living by Lo

(Shop this look: Beni Ourain Rug with dots, Square Pouf in Tan Leather, Painting by Zoe Boivin, Sun Mirror, Peace & Love poster)

3. What is your process when you start decorating? Do you have a plan? Where do you start? Any tips you can share?

Most of my design remains as visuals in my mind. I am not great with translating design to paper or executing visions to mood boards because a lot of my design is influenced by feelings. I like to start with an empty space because this lets me visualize more options. When you are looking at a full space your imagination can be limited because your eyes are still set on what is already there. And I am a big believer in taking your time designing your space. Don’t fill it for the sake of being done. When you take your time it lets you find things you really love and connect with.

I also like to envision my line of sight. When I style a space I factor in what’s around it, what you also see when looking at that area. You might like an individual item, but when placed in your home it doesn’t have the same impact because you are now seeing in amongst other colours, textures, lighting, etc. Example, I might love the colour of that chair, but realistically in my space, when you look at the chair you will also see the couch and the colours together don’t have the same impact. I also consider this for furniture placement.

Some rooms may look like they have an obvious layout, but think outside the box and move things around. When I walk into a room I prefer to have my eye-catching design elements make the first impression oppose to the practical pieces like TVs and storage units.


bohemain parisian style apartment living by lo

(Shop this look: Moroccan ceramics, Original Painting by Zoe Boivin, Pink Kilim Pillow)

4. How would you describe your overall decor aesthetic?

I think I have an eclectic approach to a Parisian aesthetic. The foundation of my apartment is very Paris apartment with the mouldings and herringbone floors so I let this tell the overall story of my space, but I have also always loved the juxtaposition of classic architecture against modern pieces. So I add the odd modern piece to bring a bit more character to the space. I see furniture as art so this also lets the pieces have more of a standalone impact rather than blending in.

(Shop this look: Beni Ourain Rug with dots, Square Pouf in Tan Leather, Painting by Zoe Boivin)

(Shop this look: Moroccan Pouf in Natural Leather, Pink Striped Boucherouite Rug, Boucherouite rug with diamonds, Original Painting by Zoe Boivin)

5. Where do you mostly get your inspiration for your own decor? Any resources or inspiration sources you’d like to share?

We have access to amazing inspiration today so I certainly use things like Pinterest where it’s so easy to just type in a word and have endless content to scroll through, or platforms like My Domaine and Apartment Therapy that aren’t limited to a specific style, but can show you amazing design that lets you expand your ideas.

I also like to use movies or shows to feel inspired. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am almost never paying attention because I am only focused on the design happening in the background! Design for me is mostly about a feeling, so when I am watching something that takes place in a city, or setting that I love, it’s like seeing design come to life and you can take from it more than just physical objects placed in a room. ‘The Longest week’ being a favorite movie of mine is a great example of this type of inspiration for me.

But with so much inspiration at our fingertips it can become overwhelming. I treat my space as a way to reflect who I am, a space to really connect with so I try to encourage others to do the same.

A lot of this comes to trusting your instincts on what you really love, because you love it for a reason so why wouldn’t you want to live embraced in that feeling? Trends will always come and go and help guide us through design, but finding inspiration within yourself can actually make the difference between connecting with your home and just living in a beautiful space.

(Shop this look: Boucherouite pillows, Original Painting by Zoe Boivin, Rattan Sun Mirror, Moroccan vase in Purple.)

6. Is there a home decor trend you forecast for 2018 that you are really into right now?

The upcoming trends I love and feel will make a big statement this year is ‘natural’. In furniture I see materials like chunky, solid wood and rattan making a big statement, but designed in a way that isn’t limited to a specific style. Natural elements like these mixed in amongst bold colours, metals and modern pieces helps a space look more effortless and eclectic. It can really help to balance and offset and overly styled or decorated room. This is certainly a trend I am embracing!

7. What object in your décor do you most cherish? Is there a piece you would never part with? Why?

When I moved into my new apartment I made a lot of changes to suit the new space, but there are certain things that can adapt to any space because they mean something special to you. For me this includes art. Art is so personal and is something that I choose simply based on my response to it, not how it will look in my décor. When I first moved to Montreal I met artist Lysa Jordan* who created my 2 large canvases. Having art by a local artist was important because it felt like part of my experience in a new city, a way to embrace what the city has to offer. And now I will always be left with these beautiful pieces, but mostly a super cool story of friendship and experience to share. Something I wouldn’t part with!

*Note that in these pictures the artworks you see are from our latest collab by artist Zoe Boivin, You can see the collection right here. We also love Lysa Jordan’s work which is usually showcased in Lauren’s home, find her work here.

(Shop this look: Moroccan Pouf in White Leather, Ceramic Mug in Purple, Cactus Silk Kilim Pillows, Original Artwork by Zoe Boivin)

8. In your opinion, what makes a home cozy, welcoming and inspiring? Any particular must-have items?

I like to pay attention to all the senses, looking past the physical objects in your home, as a way to create a cozy and approachable space. Lighting is a very important design element for me. It has its practical purpose, but its impact can be so much more. I always distribute table or floor lamps in all corners of a room using low wattage, soft bulbs. This brings a warm and consistent glow across the room which really sets the tone of a space. And I like to have fresh plants and flowers because they add life to your home. They aren’t just objects so they become something you really connect with. I think that creating a welcoming space is really about finding balance. Break up bold colours with softness, break up strong patterns with neutrals.

Take your time finding a scent that you love in candles, oils, etc. This is an impactful way to make your space “yours” because it’s personal to you, and I believe that all these little personal reflections are how we can make an inspiring space of our own.

Thank you so much for sharing all of this, Lauren, we’re feeling so inspired, and speaking for myself, I can’t wait to get back home and add some Parisian boho touches! -Stephanie

Location: Lauren MacLean’s
Styling: Camille Picard X Baba Souk
Pictures: Baba Souk

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5 Tips To Enjoy Life In A Small House With A Growing Family

Joanna is the mindful mom, and the very bubbly woman, behind the Lazy Mom’s Blog. She recently welcomed us into her lovely modern bohemian townhouse. She has the cutest, sweetest girls and is expecting a 3rd baby (she’s not lazy, she’s more like a superwoman) and she has a very interesting philosophy to keep things simple for a happy family life. Amen!

I know every time I read one of her blog posts, I feel a little less anxious about not being a good enough mom for my boy. I often come away with an awesome recipe to try and a few tips on how to handle my toddler’s tantrums. Pheeeww!


So we had a little shooting session at Joanna’s place which is full of life, good vibes and colour. We just love how she’s taking full advantage of her small 1200 square foot home and having fun decorating it. While we were visiting her home and taking pictures, she shared some amazing tips on how she makes her house work for her family.


This is a picture of her girls’ shared bedroom which is the cutest thing ever, if you ask me.

1.   Consider a shared bedroom if you have more than one child.

“I believe that when young children share a bedroom, they become closer.” Joanna has written an entire blog post about organizing a shared bedroom, a good read, right here.


Spot the Baba Souk treasures in their room: Mint Leaf Poster, Fluoro Heart Poster, Pineapple poster, Peace & Love Poster, Pompom Garland, Pink Cactus Pillow and Throw, a Baby Boucherouite Rug and a Moroccan Basket.

And of course, a shared bedroom is a space saver. She prefers keeping one room to create a playroom for her girls and that brings us to our next tip.

2. Keep all the toys in one room or one area of your home.

That sounds amazing to me. I’m probably not the only one stepping on legos every day… We chatted about that concept. As I told her, I have no space for a playroom and she suggested it could work even if you don’t have an actual playroom. A dedicated area with clear boundaries for the kids can work. This is where the third tip comes in.


3. Create Rules and stick to them.

Here are a few rules Joanna’s family lives by:

  • Toys stay in the playroom (except for decor items and fur friends that are allowed in the girls’ bedroom).
  • Screen time is allowed in the playroom only.
  • The living room is the grown-up living space. No eating in that room. Her girls are only allowed to read books or play quiet games in the living room.

Joanna insists the best way to have her girls cooperate is making the rules very clear and NEVER derogate from them. To be honest, I think I need Joanna to come and set the rules in my home, haha!


Also, it’s important to reserve space for your adult decor so you enjoy it as well. There needn’t be mermaids and barbies everywhere in your house. We love her art wall, a beautiful modern bohemian style! (From Baba Souk: The Peace & Love Poster and the Mint Leaf Illustration)

I love adding neutral pieces with character to my home that I can move around and fit with my ever changing decor – like the beni rug here in the living room and my gold pouf!


4. Have two functions for the same room.

Joanna’s girls are really into crafting. That said, she needed a decent size table for her girls to be able to craft comfortably, so she decided the dining room would also serve as a craft room. You can’t see from this angle but she has some practical storage on the other side of her dining room, all the craft supplies are in that room, easy to reach and find, and most importantly, well organized, so her girls can tidy up in a snap once they are done. (Rules guys, rules!)

How cute are our small pastel rugs in there? Perfect fit for a modern bohemian look!


5. No matter how small your house is, have fun with your decor and switch things up with seasonal inspiration.


Joanna is very good at this, I’ve seen her decor morph fantastically with seasons on her Instagram feed. Her house is her playground. I don’t know about you, but I know I could play around more and change things up more often. It keeps things fresh and inspiring. Joanna says she donates what she thinks she won’t be using anymore and she keeps what she treasures most.

For example, in her kitchen, she changes her window decoration regularly, she switches up what she displays on her open shelves (Can you spot our ceramic collection?) and she changes her rug regularly.

She plays with what she has and moves things around often which keeps her happy and inspired. Sounds like fun, right? -Stephanie

Location: Joanna’s Home
Styling: Camille Picard
Pictures: Baba Souk

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A Happy Boho Living Room

While visiting our friend, Maca – who just moved into the cutest house – we were inspired to create a happy bohemian living room. Not only is this theme very well suited to her fun personality, but, to be honest, our Montreal winter is never ending this year and we really needed some happy colour therapy! Speaking of which, if you need a dose of colour, pickup your phone to check out Maca’s Instagram profile, it’s candy for your eyes!

moroccan rug bohemian living room

A big dose of colour, wonderful textures & plants is a sure way to create a happy space. Also, I’ve said this so many times, all you need is a Moroccan rug 😉 It’s the centrepiece you need to start creating your decor. We picked this one, which is a super colourful Azilal rug and paired it with these wonderfully textured Boucherouite pillows. Add a few baskets to the mix and start creating a fun bohemian decor. You’ll need a few plants, of course, and our must have gold pouf. Add a few of your favorite posters and there you go! It’s really not as complicated as it looks. Start by picking your rug and your sofa, then create a fun colour palette with accessories.

moroccan rug happy bohemian living room baba souk
These are the Baba Souk items we used to style Maca’s living room:
1. Our favorite Fatima Peace poster, this luscious Monstera leaf poster. 2. Boucherouite Pillows. 3. This Azilal Moroccan rug. 4. Some cute Moroccan baskets. 5. Our fave vegan gold pouf.

moroccan rug bohemian living room

I love this view. I wouldn’t mind hanging there on a cold winter day! Oh by the way, if you haven’t read Justina Blakeney’s new book yet, The New Bohemians Handbook, I highly recommend it. It’s super inspiring and the subtitle “Come Home to Good Vibes” describes it perfectly. A great weekend read! – Stephanie


Location: Maca
Styling: Camille Picard
Pictures: Baba Souk

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6 Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

I know creating a décor can be daunting. Where to start? What to focus on? We’ve been there. Since we’ve been coming up with lots of options for our photoshoots, we’ve had a bit of practice and we realize there are a few basic rules to keep in mind. If you have no idea where to begin and you love that timeless classic boho living room style, you can easily recreate it with these 6 must-have items.

Essentials For A Stunning Living Room moroccan rug morooccan pouf

1.  A Moroccan Rug

Of course, you know I’ve always said a Moroccan rug can make a décor. Well, believe me, it’s true. If you prefer a classic style like this décor we shot at the Damask & Dentelle Apartment, I’d say go for a timeless Beni Ourain rug. It’s the coziest and it has that minimalist look that will never go out of style. Beni Ourain rugs are handmade and are made to last a lifetime. I know people are worried about getting a white rug but they can easily be cleaned by professionals. Since it’s made of natural wool, the stains will easily come out and your rug will look new again. We have a bunch online right now, have a look right here. If you can’t find the size you’re looking for, we can always look into a custom option with you, just get in touch.

2. A Velvet couch

Velvet adds tons of sophistication to a room. It’s rich, cozy and the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Pick a colour you’ve always loved. This teal looks pretty amazing to me. (The couch is from West Elm) I love its mid-century look.

3. A charismatic light fixture

This will add tons of style to your room. Look around for gorgeous vintage options at your local flea markets or shop around the web for some stunning options. This one is from West Elm again but I’ve seen lots of options on Etsy.

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

4. A Moroccan Pouf

It does it every time. Just add a Moroccan pouf or two in your living room and it instantly creates a low seating option that makes for a warm, cozy atmosphere. You’ll see you’ll want to hang out in that room. Gold is also one of our go-to options. It looks great in all sorts of decors and it adds light and texture to a room. Our classic Tan leather Moroccan pouf is also a sure bet.

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

5. A statement piece on your wall

An easy one! Add something large that has character to your living room wall. It could be a big vintage map like this one (from Damask & Dentelle Apartment), a big painting is always a good idea, it could also be a framed poster or a piece of fabric you love. Framed fabric is an inexpensive, fun solution. Vintage maps are also always cool. They add a bit of a Brooklyn flair to the mix.

6. Colourful throw pillows

You’re almost done! You’ll need a few textured throw pillows. We LOVE our one-of-a-kind Boucherouite pillows because they have this pretty amazing mix of weaved colours – but as long as your pillows have interesting texture and colours – they should work!

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

These are the 6 key elements you’ll need to put together a stunning living room that has tons of personality. Start with these 6 items and you’ll see your living room decor will come together pretty easily. Of course, afterwards, you’ll add your plants and a few treasures to make it your own but following these basic rules will give you an amazing start! – Stephanie

Pictures: Baba Souk
Location: Damask & Dentelle Apartment,
Styling: Camille Picard





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A Boho Table For The Holidays & Our Moroccan Poufs are on Sale!

How cute is this boho table setting? Our handmade Moroccan leather poufs are always a huge hit during the Holidays, we’re offering them for a limited time at $100 + Free shipping instead of $120. Now is time to grab one because our stocks are limited!

boho table moroccan leather poufs

A Moroccan staple, our Moroccan poufs pouf are the perfect addition to create a cozy boho home décor. They are handmade by our frien Amin, a skillful artisan in the Marrakech souk market and they are made of great quality leather. The gold pouf & silver pouf are both vegan as they are made out of fake leather.

boho table moroccan leather poufs

PS: We have may more cute gift ideas over here!

boho table moroccan leather poufs

This Peace and Love Poster is one of our fave and what to say about our new Moroccan ceramic collection, it’s just gorgeous. Find these gift ideas right here!





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