Pink Funfetti Sweater



Designer(s): SHiliconfETTi°
Made: Made in Quebec, Canada
Material(s): Knitted with 50% cotton, 50% acrilic yarn
Color(s): Pink, royal blue, grey, black
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Product Description

SHiliconfETTI°’s sweaters are the most unique knits you will ever encounter. They are a graphic fest, perfect for pattern lovers, hip color junkies and anyone with a creative soul. For me, it was love at first sight! I’m still debating which pattern is my favorite…This new pattern collection is just so cool!

To top it off, this graphic sweater have been created here in Quebec, Canada, by my wonderful talented friend SHiliconfETTI°. They are made locally in a small friendly workshop.

-These sweaters are made to be fitted. These are women sizes, order the size you usually wear.
-This sweater is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic and is pre-washed and washer and dryer friendly!

The new Shiliconfetti° collection is inspired by the Himalayan summits. A mix of new traditions, pompoms dancing and memories from a graphic avalanche of funfetti! The mystic patterns of this collection are inspired by Himalayan heights, a cup of tea shared on the mountain tops.  Can you hear the mountains calling us?

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