Mint Polka Teardrop Vase


Designer(s): Emily Reinhardt, The Object Enthusiast
Made: by hand in Kansas, United States
Material(s): clay, glaze and gold leaf
Color(s): mint & golden dots
Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 4.5 in


These little teardrop vases are festive & make me happy. The colors are amazing and the golden polka dots are just the icing on the cake! They are so beautiful, they don’t even need flowers! Add a few daisies or a little handpicked bouquet and you are in for a visual fest!

I am beyond excited with this new collaboration with Emily Reinhardt, the artist behind these amazingly beautiful objects. Her talent & kindness are true inspiration for me.

Price is for one vase in mint

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Regular shipping to USA: $10.00
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