Joyful Necklace, Dreamy

CAD$30.00 CAD$15.00

Designer(s): Kel Cadet, r-ki-tekt
Made: Handmade in the United States
Material(s): Hand painted wooden beads, golden chain & closure
Color(s): pale blue, dark, white, nude
Dimensions: 28 in
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This super graphic & joyful necklace is perfect to add a colorful touch to your outfit and will instantly put you in a good mood! Soon, you’ll be smiling and collecting compliments!

-This geometric necklace is very long, (32” all around). They hang below the chest, we like to wear them hanging low but you can adjust the length as you wish.
-The biggest bead measures approximately 1”

Psssssssst! By purchasing from us, you are contributing to independent design and that’s what makes you such a cool cat!

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