Pompom baskets – 3 ways to use them

pompom baskets,pompoms,bins

These pompom baskets, handmade in Marrakech, are one of my favorite treasures in the entire shop. I just think they are amazingly cute and I might also have an issue with pompoms. Hope you guys have the same addiction. Anyways, we thought we’d show you how much fun they could add to you decor. So here are 3 different ways to use them in your decor.

pompom baskets,pompoms,bins

They just make the coolest planters ever. Add a little bohemian fun to your home and turn your pompom basket into a planter. I really love the look with this big plant called a Strelitzia Nicolai.

pompom baskets,pompoms,bins

This smaller basket with pompoms makes the perfect cactus planter. How cool is this cactus by the way? It’s so photogenic, I love it.

pompom baskets,pompoms,bins,toys,nursery

Our pompom basket also makes the cutest toy bin for your nursery. If you have a little munchkin, you know a toy bin is a must. (so many toys on the floor all the time) It might as well have pompoms.

pompom baskets,pompoms,bins

Tadam! The floor is tidy again!

pompom baskets,pompoms,bins,office,paper,bin

This is a little sneak peek of my pink desk at the Baba loft. The bigger basket also makes a fun paper bin! Well, I would put pompoms everywhere if I could 😉 -Stephanie

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Henna Pumpkins DIY – A Boho Halloween

henna pumkins,boho,halloween,decor,diy,template

We made some henna pumpkins! We’ve joined forces with the more than talented illustrator, Farah Allegue, to create these boho Halloween pumpkins inspired by henna patterns. Farah has apparently been making this kind of flourishing pattern forever, and I really believe it as I saw her draw live without even tracing the henna patterns on the pumpkins!

henna pumkins,boho,halloween,decor,diy,template

I’m still wondering how she manages to make everything so symmetrical. I guess practice makes perfect! Anyhow, don’t worry, you don’t have to be as good as her, we’ve got you covered! We have a little template with henna motifs you can download and print out. Click here to download it. You can use it as inspiration to decorate your own pumpkins or you can even use it as a stencil. How gorgeous would this set up look as a table center piece for a boho Halloween party! (Thanks to my friend Camille for the wonderful picture styling.)

henna pumkins,boho,halloween,decor,diy,template

Also, aren’t these white pumpkins cool? I think they are my fave. In any case, they are perfect for drawing on! You can find them at any farmer’s market these days.

henna pumkins,boho,halloween,decor,diy,template

Ps: A little picture behind the scenes of Farah drawing her free hand henna motifs! Apparently, the best pen to draw these motifs on your pumpkin is a paint pen (she used a Posca pen if you’d like to try it out.)

We’d love to see your boho pumpkins! Tag us via Instagram so we can have a look 🙂 Have fun! -Stephanie



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Boho Bedroom – Cozy vibes

Montreal is magical in the fall. The entire city is morphing into a cozy, beautiful, colorful landscape. I have to admit after the crazy hot summer we had, I was craving chunky sweaters and rolling up in a blanket with chai latte and a book. My collaborator, Camille, and I thought the was perfect timing to put together a boho bedroom with some cozy vibes.


Our pompom blankets are the perfect item to add to your bed at this time of year. It can totally change the entire look of your bed. The pink striped one is my personal fave (of course).


We also have a more gender-neutral pompom blanket with green sea foam stripes because I know your partners might not be into pink as much as I am 😉 This handira wedding pillow with pompoms is so pretty and romantic. I just love its metallic sequins. They catch the light and add a touch of magic to any room.


We love this rattan chair! (a vintage find that Camille snapped up) and our most popular pouf in a beautiful shade of tan leather  (it is actually paler than what it looks like on this picture, check the product picture here for the actual color). You can also add a beautiful wall hanging on your wall, it makes a beautiful artsy-cozy addition.


This eucalyptus wall hanging is a little DIY project Camille made for our friend, Isabelle, founder of the Si Simple jewellery brand. It’s surprisingly easy to make, all you need is a beautiful branch of drift wood, cotton cord and dried eucalyptus. And it smells so good! I really want to make one for my bathroom.

Hope this gives you a few ideas to cozy-up your bedroom for fall. –Stephanie


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Mini Gemstone Guide & Healing Properties

We’ve been having a bit of a new age moment at the Baba loft lately and we thought we’d share our latest obsession. My friend and collaborator Camille is really into stones and their healing powers. At first, I thought she was a bit “woo-woo” but it turns out, after hearing about it so many times, I’m now really into it too! I’ve been gathering a little collection of semi precious gemstones for our jewellery section and I feel they are so pretty and special. And if they can help us feel more grounded, I say hell, yeah!

We’ve rounded up our favorite gemstones into a mini guide and looked around in books and on the Internet for a bit of info on the properties of each gemstone. Fun fact: apparently, when we choose a gemstone for ourselves, our intuition guides us to pick the stone that will help us the most. Try it. Let your intuition pick the rock you prefer in the mini guide below and then read its short description below. Does it match your needs? (I’m always drawn to rose quartz, I guess I need a bit of peace and calm, ha!)


Calligraphy by my talented friend Emeline Villedary. (Thanks Em, your handwriting is oh so very pretty.)

The ritual: Ok, this part is absolutely optional but Camille says we need to purify our rocks once in a while so they can heal us better. It’s an energy cleanse! You can do this by burning sage or Palo Santo (Obsessed with that smell too). I must admit it’s a bit woo-woo for me. BUT, the smell is so nice and calming, so why not?


-Awareness and learning
-Relief from old emotional pain
-Brings about calm, relaxation and kindness
(Our mala necklace is made of howlite beads)

Rose Quartz
-Place it near your heart to help purify and open up.
-It’s a stone of unconditional love & peace
-Good for self-esteem, it’s calming and reassuring.
(Check out our rose quartz necklace and our mala necklace that includes rose quartz)

Crystal Quartz 
-Helps memory, concentration. Frees from mental block.
-Stimulates the immune system and stabilizes the body
-Great for healing skin burns.
-Harmonises your chakras.
(We have some pretty cute earrings made of raw crytals)

-The stone of intuition
-Inner revelations enhancer
-Stimulates dreams
(This hamsa hand bracelet is made of amazonite)

-Helps to balance emotional ups and downs
-Helps with focus
-Centres your emotions
-Dissipates anger, fear and anxiety
-Helps stimulate your energy flow
(Have a look at our very pretty minimalist necklace with amethyst)

-Will purify a room and reajust the energy level
-Acts on your body to relieve anxiety, worries and stress.
(Check out this wonderful geode pendant)

Hope you’ve enjoyed our mini gemstone guide. Peace & Love. -Stephanie


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Kid’s Decor Ideas – Where to start

We’ve been having a love affair with our Moroccan rugs lately. And one of our biggest obsessions is integrating them in a kid’s decor. The colors and patterns are so playful and creative that we feel they are the perfect key pieces to start creating a fun decor for your little munchkins.


In this girl’s nursery, we’ve used a small azilal rug, and put it right in front of the crib. Azilal rugs are made of wool and usually super colorful and comfy.

I always prefer painting a nursery in white. I know most people go with pink or blue, but I kind of love the fact that white never goes out of style. I prefer decorating with accessories, it’s much easier to turn around when your kids grow older and suddenly, they hate pink. (Ha!) We also love to keep the crib white. This one is a basic crib from IKEA. (The two drawers at the bottom are handy to store diapers, wipes and bed linens. One staple you really can’t go wrong with is our white leather Moroccan pouf. So good for mama to put her feet up while rocking baby to sleep. We also have the sweetest mini pouf version for kids. We chose the gold pouf for this decor because a touch of gold is always a good idea in a girl’s room. Always!


After picking out your rug, I’d say start with the walls. In our decor, we went for this simple but oh-so-cute Fluoro Heart Screenprint and this handmade garland. Aren’t they the cutest things ever?


We’re big fans of pompoms (of course) so this pompom blanket, pompom pillow and pompom basket steal the show. Note the pompom basket would make a cute toy bin for small toys but we also love to use it as a fun planter. Plants, in my opinion, make any room look better. And then, it’s only a matter of mixing in your baby’s favorite toys and books to add a personal touch.

Our Boucherouite rugs are the best to create a happy playroom for your toddlers. They are super resistant, made of recycled fibers, they are typically multicoloured so even if your little monster splatters a bit of paint, it won’t be the end of the world.


One of our favorite accessories are these little shelf houses to display your favorite soft toys, small treasures and books. We also love to decorate with posters. This big Fiesta print is also a fun and inexpensive way of adding interest to your walls.

We found this little modern desk at IKEA and the thing we most like about it is that it has integrated plastic bins in which you can hide all the crafty stuff you want to stow away like paper, crayons and knick knacks. This small Eiffel chair is adorable, it’s available in a variety of colors, both in kid and adult sizes.


You can find our favorite accessories and toys for kids, like this cute Superheroe soft toy, this minty cactus sculpture, or that sweet baby blue leather pouf over here.

Hope our decor sparks a few ideas for your own kid’s playroom! We’d love to see, tag us via Instagram so we can have a look. -Stephanie

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